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Mobile game Pascal’s Wager featured by Apple is out on iOS

Mobile game Pascal’s Wager featured by Apple is out on iOS
Yang Yang demonstrating Pascal’s Wager at Apple’s keynote event in September. (Picture: Apple)

It’s been four months since the world got a peek at Pascal’s Wager at Apple’s biggest event last year. Now the game is finally out on iOS.

The Dark Souls-like mobile RPG was demonstrated at Apple’s iPhone 11 launch event in September to showcase the GPU power of the phone’s new A13 chipset. Pascal’s Wager boasts a gaming experience that’s “extremely close to console games.”

Yang Yang, founder of TipsWorks, told us in an earlier interview that the studio chose to ignore the pay-to-win business model that’s popular among mobile games. He wanted to make a game that “wouldn’t let true gamers down,” he said. Yang put the money he saved for a kidney transplant into developing the game.

Pascal’s Wager, priced at US$6.99 on Apple’s App Store, is now available for download globally. TipsWorks says the Android version will be released in the second quarter.

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