Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi is releasing a new smartwatch in the US -- and it looks just like the Apple Watch.

Marketed under a sub-brand, the Amazfit Bip swaps the circular design of its predecessor for the square look of Apple’s smartwatch. But while it looks similar, the two are very different.

The Amazfit Bip isn’t quite a miniature computer like the Apple Watch or Android Wear devices -- it’s more of a fitness device that can also display notifications from a paired smartphone. It has an optical heart rate sensor and GPS for tracking your runs.

And not being a full computer on your wrist means Xiaomi’s wearable has a few advantages on its rivals: It costs just $99 and lasts for up to 45 days on a single charge.

Still, the lack of an app store for the Amazfit Bip means you’re stuck with whatever’s on the watch already, so don’t expect to use any third-party software on the watch when it arrives in March.