Tencent is planning to join the rest of the tech industry by launching a smart speaker. The difference? This one works with WeChat, China’s essential do-it-all app.

Tingting will let people send messages through WeChat with their voice, while also letting users access Tencent’s broader ecosystem of services.

The speaker looks a lot like the Amazon Echo, but there are some differences which set Tingting (meaning “listen”) apart. It has an internal battery, according to Chinese tech site 36Kr, allowing people to take it on the go.

A screenshot of the Tencent's new Tingting app. (Picture: Apple)

That means that the Tingting could act as a portable extension of WeChat that people can use at home or on the go.

It will likely also let users connect to other Tencent services, including QQ Music, audio books, news as well as features like weather and stocks, according to details on Apple’s App Store.

Speakers are shaping up as the next battleground for tech giants around the world, and especially in China. Xiaomi recently launched its own Mi AI Speaker mini that is powered by its AI assistant. And at CES this year, search giant Baidu showed off the Raven H -- a colorfully designed, stackable speaker.