Black Shark’s first gaming smartphone, launched in April, came with plenty of impressive specs… but it was only available in China.

Now a leaked video has appeared on Weibo, showing what’s said to be a new handset from the start-up backed by Xiaomi. It comes with a glass back and a light-up logo on the rear, much like the latest offering from rival Razer.

Based on Black Shark’s regulatory filings with China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the new phone is expected to have a 5.99-inch display and a revamped fingerprint sensor on the back -- as well as a 4,000mAh battery and a dual camera setup.

The new Black Shark phone as seen on a Chinese government website. (Picture: TENAA)

And there are signs that Black Shark could be bringing its products to the international market soon. An English-language global website is promoting the tagline: “SHARKS APPROACHING”.

Black Shark’s global website page. (Picture: Black Shark)

If Black Shark goes global, it will face competition from established players like Razer and Asus. The former just released its new Phone 2 to rave comments, while the Asus ROG series has always been a favorite among reviewers.