Overwatch Summer Games are back! Starting August 9 (Thursday), we have new legendary skins to grind for all the way until the end of the month.

The in-game cosmetics are a huge part of all special events. And Overwatch has been tweeting out short teasers ahead of this year’s Summer Games. Last year we got a fantastic dad skin for Soldier:76, and this year it looks like we’re getting a legendary beach mom skin for Ana: Cabana Ana.

Here are all the new looks they’ve given a sneak peek of so far:

From left to right: Catcher Winston, Fastball Zenyatta, Lacrosse Roadhog, Gridironhardt Reinhardt, Cabana Ana, Waveracer D.Va (Pictures: Blizzard Entertainment via Twitter)

This year’s Summer Games is also featuring a new challenge for college students. Over the weekend, students across North America can participate in the Copa Lúcioball 3v3 tournament for some in-game currency. The tournament is co-organized and hosted by Tespa, the collegiate esports tournament organizer.

In this game mode, all participants play Lúcio, and must use his abilities to get a giant ball into the enemy goal.

Students have until August 10 (Friday) to register/sign-up for a team.

It’s still my hope that Lúcioball will have a Wrecking Ball player in place of the ball, and the Lúcios will have to chase him down. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

For non-college players who want to test their skills in Lúcioball, there will be another Copa Lúcioball featuring placement matches, skill ratings tiers, leaderboards and competitive points -- though there isn’t a prize pool for this one.

And for players who don’t want to spend money to get the in-game cosmetics, you can still spam games of Lúcioball to get more special event loot boxes, and then pray for some lucky rolls.

There’s also more good news if you missed out on the Summer Games skins from the past two years. The old skins will be made available again during the event, and will be included in the loot boxes. If you don’t like the grind, you can also buy them at a discount from the store.