What would you do if I handed you four toilet rolls? Probably not what this man in China did. 

Li Qingyi painted League of Legends characters -- all 148 of them -- on what he said was 50 meters (about 55 yards) of toilet paper. This video, which compresses the three-day process into eight minutes, shows you all four rolls in their entire glory. 

Li Qinyi draws Janna and Gangplank from League of Legends. (Picture: 李青仪 via Bilibili)

This wasn’t the first time that Li got creative on toilet paper. He also drew all the Avengers who appeared in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, from Iron Man and Captain America… 

The world’s mightiest heroes on a roll. (Picture: 李青仪 via Bilibili)

…to Captain Marvel and Ant-Man (who is so tiny you can’t actually see him).

Ant-Man may or may not exist on that blank ply of toilet paper on the left. (Picture: 李青仪 via Bilibili)

Li also pulled off drawing all 99 champions of the popular Chinese game Honor of Kings (known as Arena of Valor outside China).

Honor of Kings is one of China’s most popular games of all time. (Picture: 李青仪 via Bilibili)

And finally, I leave you with my favorite: An 800-page flip-book of the opening animation for the original Pokémon anime.

Think about what YOU can do with toilet paper. (Picture: 李青仪 via Bilibili)