Got a Segway but run out of fun things to do with it?

Well, now you can live out all your Mario Kart fantasies in real life, thanks to a new kit that Segway’s owner Ninebot teased on Chinese microblog Weibo. ​

As you can see in the pictures, it retrofits a Segway scooter with rear wheels. It also adds a chassis, as well as a front bumper and steering wheel. ​

According to Chinese-language media, the kit will also come with electric brakes and run-flat tires. Both the seat and steering wheel can be adjusted to the driver's height. ​

And it seems like fans in the US won’t miss out. Reports say the Ninebot Go-kart Kit could be launched in Los Angeles on July 24.

Segway was bought in 2015 by Ninebot, one of more than a hundred Chinese startups backed by Xiaomi to produce a range of goods, forming what it calls an “ecosystem”.

If the Go-kart Kit proves successful among consumers, it could be quite a turnaround for the Segway brand -- which is now associated more closely with mall security guards and city tours than personal users.

It doesn’t help that there have been a number of high-profile accidents involving the Segway, including when former US President George W Bush fell off the device in 2003.

There have been tragic examples too: An investor in the company died after driving a Segway off a cliff in 2010.