As smartphone screens grow to take up the whole front of the device, handset makers are facing a dilemma: Where do you put the fingerprint sensor? LG put it on the back. Apple killed it entirely. And Vivo wants to put it under the screen.

Meizu’s solution? Put it on the side.

The M6s has a notch on the right side of the device for the fingerprint sensor, allowing it to have a full 5.7” screen with far smaller bezels than the previous model.

Previous Meizu phones also incorporated gestures into the home button: For instance, you could go back by swiping on the button. The M6s incorporates this with a virtual home button that also has pressure sensitivity, allowing it to distinguish between a tap and a hard press (a little like the iPhone’s 3D Touch screen). 

The Meizu M6s will be available on January 19 starting at US$155 for the 32GB model and US$186 for the 64GB model.