(Updated with the final version of rosters for Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, USA)

The World Cup finals are ending in less than two weeks. But for Overwatch fans, the hype for the real World Cup is just beginning.

Fans cheer on as teams get ready for Day 1 of OWWC 2017 at BlizzCon. (Source: Blizzard Entertainment)

Today is the last day for the 24 qualified nations to submit their rosters to Blizzard for the Overwatch World Cup. And fans are eager to see who makes the final list, as the 12-strong rosters will have to be cut down to a final 7 main players.

We’ve already gotten rosters revealed on 17 of the teams’ social media accounts. And Team Switzerland and Team Austria are promising juicy details on who will represent their countries in the coming days, while Team Canada dropped a hype trailer, so keep your eyes peeled on their Twitter accounts.

The tournament kicks off with a group stage. Six teams make up a group, with each of the four groups hosted by one country.


This takes place in Incheon, South Korea.

OWWC Group Stage: Incheon, South Korea. (Source: Blizzard Entertainment)

Team South Korea 

Saebyeolbe, Libero, Carpe, Fleta, Fate, Mek0, Fissure, Fury, Ark, JJonak, Anamo, Kariv

Team Japan

Rimlime, SamuraiD, pocky, kenmohororo, AmeKen, hoshimi, dep, ta1yo, CLAIRE, Xeraphy, Yoz, SABAGOD

Team Finland

Fragi, LhCloudy, zappis, rCk, liNkzr, Taimou, Davin, BigGoose, Masaa, Shaz, Zuppeh, Ripa

Team Hong Kong

YiWind, GZQQ, JazZy, Mikouw, Moowe, MangoJai, Amcrazy

Team Chinese Taipei

OYO, Craz1S, Blue, Kant, ShaiuLin, ATing, TenTen

Team Russia

Engh, MayN, Bezpalivo, Vlad, Alexey, Txao, Rez, Tonic, ShaDowBurn, NLaaeR, Mistakes, uNFixed

South Korea are two-time gold medalists and only winners ever of OWWC. And their roster is comprised almost entirely of superstar players -- some of whom will be competing against each other at the Overwatch League playoffs in just a few days. So the rest of the teams will have some serious firepower to contend with, and we’ll see if any of them are ready to unseat the kings of Overwatch.


The second group stage takes place at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles, USA.

OWWC Group Stage Los Angeles, USA. (Source: Blizzard Entertainment)

Team USA

Muma, McGravy, super, SPACE, Danteh, Hydration, sinatraa, ZachaREEE, Sleepy, Elh, Rawkus, moth

Team Norway

Decod, Crow, Tricky, Goodest, TracK, Frost, ONIGOD, Invision, Yiqids, Iko, iPN, Melk

Team Austria

Wat7, Sensotix, MrDragonlol, Stvn, ecLipse, Minimi, HeroRay

Team Brazil

neil, Fastie, liko, dudu, murizzz, ole, kolero, dehzinho, alemao, honorato, Stylo, wetter

Team Canada

Surefour, agilities, Mangachu, kellar, xQc, Chayne, NotE, Kevin, Bani, Joemeister, Crimzo, Roolf

Team Switzerland

Mimi7, Helv, Kiba, Gintoki, Luux, Djinn, Aisey, Shinoda, R3mix, Flow, Sk0rpi0n, Niv

This group has yet to reveal much, with four teams still keeping their roster a secret, but since it’s the last day for submission, we should be seeing more information soon. We are already seeing a familiar team in Norway, with returning players Decod, ONIGOD, Invision, Iko and iPN.

Even though it had a rough time last year getting matched against champions South Korea at the quarterfinals, USA is placing a lot of confidence in its current line up with the reveal “In our players we trust”. Rawkus, Adam and sinatraa are the team’s returning players.

We’ll also have to see who Canada picks if it wants to get to the finals again this year.


This group takes place in Bangkok, Thailand.

OWWC Group Stage Bangkok, Thailand. (Source: Blizzard Entertainment)

Team China

KHeart, leave, Shy, Krystal, Lateyoung, guxue, Sky, Yveltal

Team Australia

Ieatuup, hus, Ckm, yuki, Tongue, akraken, Custa, bertlog, Trill, Quartz, Adam, punk

Team Sweden

CWoosH, Reinforce, Manneten, Nevix, Graceful, Luddee, Chipshajen, Zebbosai, SharP, snillo, TviQ, iddqd

Team Thailand

Mickie, SaiyajinGOD, boomburapha, oPuTo, Patiphan, yahhang, Teetawat, QueEn, Rocket, Pannys, Thitikorn, tae

Team Denmark

Pagh, Nerfdd, Danii, Molf1g, fischer, naGGa2k, SpoXez, ShaxOW, Hunni, Ding, Scaler, Kellex

Team Spain

HarryHook, Linepro, Networkz, ToxikeN, BromaS, dhaK, neptuNo, PoPiFresH

Team Sweden fans cheering at OWWC 2017 at BlizzCon. (Source: Blizzard Entertainment)

This is going to be a exciting group to watch. Last year China, Thailand, Sweden, Australia and Spain all advanced to the playoffs. But this year, only two will make it out of the group stages. And everyone will be watching to see if Team Sweden can finish higher than third place, a spot they’ve occupied for the past two years, and get to the finals match.


To wrap up, the final group stage will take place in Paris, France.

OWWC Group Stage Paris, France. (Source: Blizzard Entertainment)

Team UK

ChrisTFer, Fusions, Smex, Moursi, Kyb, MikeyA, KSP, Jellis, Boombox, Daiya, Kruise, FunnyAstro

Team Poland

DXtR, Philion, setrox, Matwoj, Shaddo, Redziok, MATTH, Danye, Koby, Webster, duku, Xyzano

Team Italy

LUFT, Midna, DragonEddy, FighteR, carnifex, HearThBeaT, Hinu, Najini, TheBigOne, Adnar, Bimbz, Nisa

Team Germany

Mete, NexX, ProGi, TerenZ, Adi, cRNKz, Massie, Nesh, immortal, Kodak, Talyz, xenlon

Team France

KoLSTI, BenBest, Poko, Shuh, SoOn, aKm, NiCO, Asking, HyP, uNKOE, dridro, winz

Team Netherlands

Corn, brussen, Jona, Vizility, Dante, CrusaDe, Sab

France and the UK were the only ones in this group who made it into the top 8 last year and France’s Rogue stacked roster got them to fourth place. This year it’s got several of the same players, and hopefully home turf advantage will get them back to BlizzCon.

That wraps up what we know so far about the teams. Quite a few of the players are playing in the Overwatch League playoffs later this month, so it’ll be great to see how they perform as they get ready to represent their country -- and try to make the finals in November.