Our mission at Abacus is to cover Chinese consumer tech for a global audience. The most common bit of Chinese tech that most people outside the country get to touch? Games.

There are the high-profile ports of Western titles like PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty: Legends built by Chinese companies. There are original titles, like Arena of Valor. Chinese companies even have their hand in a slew of famous titles through stakes in foreign companies, like Tencent's portfolio (ranging from Clash Royale to Assassin's Creed).

And those are just the big ones. There's a growing indie gaming scene in China, and more developers creating genuinely original games.

To talk about it all, our own Josh Ye joined Victoria and I on this episode of our podcast to talk about Chinese games, and his particular background. Unlike the hosts, Josh grew up in China... where a console ban meant his gaming history was very different to ours, even if it does mostly manifest itself as an excuse for his very poor performance in Super Mario Bros.

You can listen to the podcast in Soundcloud above or via this link, and, as of this episode, we're on Spotify (with iTunes and Stitcher coming very soon). I'll add the links as soon as the latter two are live!

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