I don’t play many games, but I like playing PUBG Mobile.

Well, technically, I like to run to the center of the map, find a building with good view and… wait there.

My colleagues call me a camper, a bad nickname for a player who hides in one place. But I like it here. It’s comfortable, and safer. And I swear it works! I’ve won once by camping in a great spot and killing anyone that approached.

Today we played it again on Twitch… and they made me go outside! Apparently it would be a really boring stream if I stayed inside the whole time and didn’t move.

It seemed alright. And by alright, I mean it was terrifying:

But we did do some damage. OK, maybe these players were bots, but I prefer to think of them as players worse than me:

I was soon getting the hang of it. But one of my colleagues was getting distracted by something else:

But finally we did it -- we were the last one standing! Or, actually, no: I was the last one standing. I may have had two colleagues shouting advice, but I did all the work so I’m going to take the credit here:

It was my second chicken dinner, and the first one by not hiding in a building!

The first round went well, so why not do it again?

We… didn’t get so lucky at the second attempt. We didn’t encounter anyone till there were 12 players left, at which point, I was killed by what appears to be a real human player, probably the only one we’d seen so far:

So moving around was a lot more stressful and only occasionally successful. I might go back to camping.

And I think I’ll have the support of PUBG’s creator himself: "By winning it's being smart and not taking on fights until you know you can win them, that's the key here. Go get good loot and then find a bush and then love that bush, and just wait for people to make mistakes," Brendan Greene said once. Wise man.

Watch the whole session here, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitch!