The Marvel Universe just got a little more crowded.

This week, fans in China got their first look at two brand new comics -- the first from Marvel led by Chinese superheroes.

Aero draws on Marvel’s recent trend of placing female characters in the spotlight. Set in City S, an “international financial center in the East”, it follows the story of Lei Ling -- an architect with superpowers that allow her to manipulate air currents. Another character named Nu Wo, who hasn’t appeared yet, can control rocks and concrete.

Aero fights a giant villain in the opening instalment. (Picture: NetEase)

The other comic, Warriors of the Three Emperors, contains references to traditional Chinese mythologies. 18-year-old Lin Lie is the last descendant of the legendary hero Fuxi. Yielding a magic sword found in an ancient grave, he goes on an adventure with two other blue-blooded friends.

Just like Aero, the art style of Warriors of the Three Emperors has a distinctly Asian influence. (Picture: NetEase)

The first instalments were published online this week by NetEase, an internet giant that’s also one of China’s biggest game publishers. The company struck a deal with Marvel owner Disney last year to develop the characters, and bring about a dozen other comics to China -- including The Amazing Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy.

A NetEase spokesperson told TechNode that readers of the new Marvel comics will get glimpses of elements from the Marvel Universe, such as ads from Stark Industries -- the fictional company owned by Iron Man.