I may be bloodthirsty in Arena of Valor, but in Overwatch I’m definitely more comfortable hanging out in the back, preferably healing people instead of trying to land those headshots.

That being said, I’m kind of a pushover when it comes to hero selection. As much as I want to autolock Mercy every single game, I do sigh and click over to the tank hero pool when I see the dreaded “NO TANK” alert blinking on the side.

In the spirit of teamwork, I started off with Wrecking Ball -- also known as Hammond. If you aren’t familiar with this game, he’s a hamster driving a mechanized hamster ball around the battlefield to crush his enemies.

But my effort to be a good team player doesn’t always work out so well for my team… or me.

So to cheer myself up, I hopped off frontline duties and went back to my beloved Mercy at the next game.

However, Ravi decided team fights are the best time to ask me questions, which stressed me out quite a bit.

My two colleagues actually distracted me during a lot of crucial game moments.

But I have to say, as much fun as panic healing may be, my favorite part of these games is seeing all the different skins and emotes. So… we took a little detour from shooting Red Team off my payload to check out the best hero in the entire history of the game: Hammond.

Volume warning: Lots of squealing in this clip.

But this is a gaming stream, not a fashion show, so moving on!

We decided to change things up a little and jump into the arcade mode. This is where Overwatch has a rotation of game modes and maps like Low Gravity and Mystery Heroes. The first one is fairly self explanatory. In the second game mode, you’re given a random hero at the start of the game and every time you die, you get a new random hero.

I started out with Low Gravity… but didn’t really have that much fun, because I was getting shot in the head every two seconds by a Widowmaker.

And I got totally tilted.

Meanwhile watching me fail is making Ravi muse about how how old he was getting.

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