Video games are always better with friends. So what better way to launch our first collaboration with our friends at Goldthread than inviting them over for a good chat while playing some gaming classics?

Goldthread is another new site launched by our parent company, the South China Morning Post. But what is Goldthread? Executive Producer Victoria Ho can explain.

You'll note that both Goldthread and Abacus are China-focused sites. And you might be wondering where the China connection is in the classic Nintendo game we're playing.

The answer: There isn't one. We just wanted to play something fun and familiar.

Except... all the time Victoria and I have been talking about games, I failed to ask a basic question. While gushing over the new Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer or telling more tales of Skyrim, I never asked about her gaming history.

I never knew that she was a Sega girl. She never had the (superior) Super Nintendo.

I know, the Nintendo v Sega wars ended a long time ago. (With a victory for Nintendo, I might add.) But on a more pressing note, it meant that she'd never, ever played Super Mario Kart before.

It also meant that while she was ready to play Contra, she thought we were playing the original 8-bit version -- not the 16-bit majesty of Contra III.

So Victoria was a little confused by a few things in the game, including the gender of the main characters.

Still, everyone's played Street Fighter II, right? That was more familiar territory for Victoria, even if she wasn't used to the controller.

I'd be lying if I said the games were close. But this one was pretty close! And pretty exciting!

Beyond my utter lack of mercy, there was also time for some fun chatter.

Victoria told us about an upcoming Goldthread story about food where one of them had to kill a chicken, I talked about seeing Pikachu in an elevator, and we both went over our favorite gaming tunes.

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