Some people like to build their own gaming PC. Chinese video games enthusiast Brother NV is one of them.

The difference with his rig is that it's massive, with four wheels and an internal combustion engine.

The largest gaming PC I have ever seen in my life. (Photo: Brother NV)

The famous hardware enthusiast, whose real name is Dong Kuo and is a marketing manager at ecommerce services provider, converted an Audi S7 into a video gaming rig outfitted with an insane amount of water cooling. While the project appears to be a publicity stunt, the result could be a first in gaming history.

The gaming setup took up almost the entire trunk of the car. (Photo: Brother NV)

The entire setup reportedly cost about US$180,000, which included an Intel Core i9-7900x chip, an Asus ROG R6E RGB Monoblock, plenty of cooling tubes, an Asus ROG Swift monitor and, of course, an Audi S7.

So why on earth would anyone spend that much money and time to build such a beast?

“The car has got a 2,000-watt uninterruptible power supply. Once I hook it up with a monitor, we can drive up to the mountain peak to play PUBG and watch movies,” wrote Brother NV.

Check out how the unusual gaming hardware project was put together in the gallery above.