Leica, the German camera and lens maker, recently launched a special “Panda Edition” camera just for China.

What does that mean? It means it’s a regular camera… except it comes in a black and white body. You know, like a panda.

Oh, and there’s a panda stamp on top. Because Panda Edition, right?

The Leica Q “Panda Edition” (Picture: Leica)

Leica are only making 200 of them. But they’re not the only company to make special editions just for China.

DJI made a special Phantom 4 drone in a striking red finish with a phoenix illustration to celebrate the Chinese New Year. (Other than the color, the Chinese New Year edition is no different to the original.) But it’s red, and red is cool. Even the remote control is red!

Chinese New Year Edition DJI Phantom 4 (Picture: DJI)

When the PlayStation 4 first launched in China, Sony celebrated with a special edition with a dragon on it. Because China is all about those dragons, right? (Well, China and Westeros.)

Sony Playstation 4 “Dragon Edition” (Picture: Sony)

But those are pretty standard compared to this next one: Huawei’s special KFC branded smartphone.

The phone was released to celebrate KFC’s 30 years in China. Only 5,000 pieces were made and exclusively for sale on KFC China’s Tmall store.

Huawei’s KFC-branded Android smartphone (Picture: KFC)