Controversial Chinese indie game Bright Memory is being overhauled… again.

It burst on to the scene in January to wide acclaim and amazement from gamers who couldn’t believe that the impressive-looking shooter was made by just one person.

That’s when the developer admitted that, well, he had a bit of help: He said he used unlicensed art in the game, downloaded from pirate software sites.

FYQD Studio apologized and replaced the illegal art with original -- but far less impressive -- enemies.

Despite the controversy, the game sold extremely well. And now the developer says it’s going to take that money to overhaul the game again -- claiming that the original was just a demo.

“Bright Memory: Episode 1 is kind of a demo or crowdfunding version,” says FYQD Studio, “and since we have appropriate conditions now... we are going to remake all of the plot and levels while keeping the core.”

The developer -- which is now more than one person, having hired more help thanks to the game’s success -- now says instead of the episodic release, they’ll make a bigger, more complete game called Bright Memory: Infinite. They’re even planning to release it on consoles.

The game’s protagonist Shelia has a different look in this trailer compared to the currently available game. (Picture: FYQD Studio)

It also means the game will cost more, though owners of Episode 1 will get the new game for free.

Despite the prior controversy, the game has many fans, and they’re sticking behind the game.

One gamer wrote, “I am sold simply because this Chinese game is about neither wuxia or Chinese mythology. And with this graphics this good? I am certainly buying one just to support.”

But others can’t forgive the developer.

“The developer used unlicensed assets knowingly,” says one comment. “It wasn’t until it got popular that he said that he didn’t expect this level of popularity… He was finding all sorts of excuses to absolve himself.”