I’m a huge PUBG fan. But no matter how much I play, so far I’ve only mastered the important skill of, er, killing bots. If it’s a human player I’m against... I don't stand a chance.

This week, my colleague Josh got us some little clip-on buttons for the iPhone from a corner store near our office. They're supposed to make the phone feel more like a controller... which should make PUBG Mobile easier... which should mean I'd do better against human players... which means more chicken dinners!

The add-on I chose is supposed to take my thumbs off the screen so they won’t block my vision.

It consists of a pair of clip-on triggers that you attach to the side of the phone. By customizing the game’s buttons to fit directly under them, you won’t have to tap directly on the screen anymore.

It seemed like a great idea. But in reality, it didn’t really help me -- at least not in this game.

For the record, I’m not entirely blaming the controller. (I swear I’m not, Josh!) Part of the problem was that as a mobile gamer, I’m more used to holding a smartphone and using touchscreen controls than holding a controller and using real buttons. It felt strange in my hands!

That said, the controller does have some problems of its own. The trigger on the left was so sensitive that simply resting my finger on it brought up the scope. Meanwhile the one on the right -- our firing button -- had the opposite problem: It wasn’t sensitive enough, so I had to press really hard to fire. All that made it a huge hassle to aim and shoot.

But I guess you get what you pay for: These clip-on buttons cost just US$5. And the other pair of clip-ons we bought wouldn't even attach properly to the phone!

The controller was so useless that at certain points in the game I completely forgot about it, and went back to using my thumb on the touch screen. That's when I punched an armed person to death with my bare fists:

In the end, I imagine the controller might be a great addition for someone more used to consoles -- but it’s definitely not for me. (But you might want to spend a little more than US$5.)

Controllers aside, the version of PUBG Mobile we played, called Army Attack, is really fun to explore. It has a few additions on top of the standard PUBG experience, such as letting you deploy shields, bushes and trees as instant cover. We’ve played it before, but today we discovered something new: You can disguise yourself as a rock!

Watch the full stream here to see how we won a chicken dinner in a really unusual way. And please follow us on Twitch!