First everyone wanted dual cameras. Then the notch was the thing all smartphones had to have.

Now it looks like everyone wants to make a foldable phone.

Xiaomi is reportedly developing a phone with a foldable design, according to South Korean tech site Etnews, joining Huawei, Samsung and Oppo in the race to build it first. (Of course, all of them are behind ZTE, which released the foldable Axon M last year.)

The publication says that unlike Huawei and Samsung’s “in-folding design”, Xiaomi will instead opt for a “fold-out design” -- presumably like ZTE’s Axon M, which has both screens always accessible on the outside of the phone.

The article adds that Huawei is hoping to be first to market with the technology, while Samsung is more concerned with making sure the device is durable and is a good user experience.

Judging from promos and patents, Samsung’s approach is for a bendable design with a flexible screen that will help users bridge the gap between phablet and smartphone.

In 2014, Samsung released a video showing a concept for a foldable phone. (Picture: Samsung)

But the big question on everyone’s mind is how Xiaomi -- known for its relatively cheap phones -- will deliver what will likely be an expensive design feature.

One option would be to go down the route of the Axon M, which sports two screens separated by a hinge instead of one continuous, flexible display.

The ZTE Axon M has two 5.2" LCD screens. (Picture: Abacus)

On the other hand, our reviewer wasn’t too impressed with ZTE’s foldable phone, so maybe this isn’t the next big thing just yet.