Not content with being the world’s fourth-largest smartphone vendor, China’s Xiaomi has launched a mini wall-mounted washing machine that it says is perfect for washing your, uh, delicates.

The promotional photos for the device show it hanging above a regular washing machine, begging the obvious question: Why do you need a second one?

(One suggestion: Using it as a “piece of art.”)

Xiaomi says its latest washing machine is perfect for your, uh, delicates. (Picture: Xiaomi)

The device is controlled by an LED touchscreen that lets you choose the wash cycle either on the panel itself, or (surprise!) through a smartphone app -- although given the small size of the unit, it’s safe to say it’s best not to use it for towels or even too many t-shirts.

The product’s website suggests using it for nappies and bras.

The washing machine can be controlled using an LED touchscreen or a smartphone. (Picture: Xiaomi)

It’s actually from MiniJ, one of the companies in Xiaomi’s huge ecosystem. Xiaomi invests in many of these companies, which make products that it will then sell in its stores and sometimes even promote at company events. It allows Xiaomi to expand into a whole range of products -- toys, scooters, even pens -- without the risk of having to develop and build them in-house.

It’s not even the first miniature washing machine product from Xiaomi. The company released a crowdfunded, portable washing machine back in 2016.

Xiaomi released a 'portable' washing machine in 2016. (Picture: Xiaomi)

They are both only available in China, so you’ll have to keep washing your underwear in your normal machine -- for now.