Tencent, the Chinese internet giant that was briefly worth more than Facebook, is moving to a new campus. Like almost every other wealthy tech company, its new workplace has plenty of leisure facilities that Tencent is happy to show off. 

Its official release even boasts a swimming pool that is kept warm by the heat of its server room. Tencent tells Abacus that some of these are still design photos, but they can give you an idea what it'll be like to work at Asia's most valuable company.

“Smart building”

Tencent says the building will be powered by artificial intelligence and the "Internet of Things".

The security system is built by Tencent's own AI lab, and staff will have to scan their faces to enter the building. There will be AR and VR devices in the lobby for visitors to play with, and indoor positioning technology can track you within a meter of your actual position as you walk around inside the building.

Internet-connected elevators

It's not just food and rides you can order on WeChat at Tencent's new HQ. Elevators are also on the list.

Tencent says these elevators allow its staff to pre-order elevators to take them to their desired floor through the app, so they don't have to wait in a long line.


The company says the office will have plenty of natural light, with custom-designed sunshade systems.

Staff canteen

It seems it's not only food on the menu here. "You can propose under the flower shelf if you want to," Tencent says in its release on WeChat.

Climbing wall

If you were worried Tencent would be the only tech company without a climbing wall, don't worry. There it is.

Basketball playground

If you're not quite agile enough for the climbing wall, there's also the basketball court.

Pool tables

Tencent has pool tables. But our question: What about that new tech HQ mainstay, ping-pong?

"Mid-air gym"

The 300-meter running track is 100 meters above the ground, which Tencent says makes it one of a kind in China.