Officially speaking, the Mavic 2 doesn’t exist. DJI hasn’t talked about the drone at all, and a launch event originally scheduled for July 18 -- which many thought was for the Mavic 2 -- was cancelled.

But the leaks are piling up, and we now have a pretty good idea about the Mavic 2. The latest culprit? A printed ad in the UK.

People spotted DJI’s upcoming consumer drone on a catalog at UK retailer Argos, which revealed the Mavic 2 with pictures and specs.

The ad reveals two Mavic 2 models -- the Zoom and the Pro. The Pro version has a 1-inch CMOS sensor Hasselblad camera, while the Zoom version has a 2x zoom lens and Dolly Zoom effect.

If you don’t know what a Dolly Zoom effect is -- don’t worry, I didn’t either -- it looks like this:

Picture: DJI

Both models will be able to transmit video at 1080p for up to 5 miles, and fly at a top speed of 45 mph, comparing to 40 mph for the first Mavic Pro. They can both fly for 31 minutes, an improvement from the first Mavic Pro’s 27 minutes.

They will also have 360-degree obstacle sensing, as suggested from the last leak, but it’s not clear whether they will have a removable gimbal. A previous leak suggested you can take the gimbal out of the drone and use it in a handheld mode, just like DJI’s Osmo.

And while the leak shows two types of Mavic 2... there is (allegedly) another.

An enterprise edition of the Mavic 2 was spotted on DJI’s German website, which appeared to have been uploaded by accident as the thumbnail for a video about DJI Mavic Air.

Photos of the Mavic 2 Enterprise Edition have surfaced before, but this is the first time people can see the bottom of it. Either way, it suggests a higher-end model in the Mavic 2 line for more business-friendly features.

The leaks do not reveal the pricing, and DJI still hasn’t announced an official launch date after it cancelled it’s July 18 launch event “See the Bigger Picture”.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean that the products are coming soon -- DJI said that the British catalogue was pre-printed before the scheduled event.