When Apple announced the iPhone XS with few new features, Huawei pounced -- thanking Apple for letting it be “the real hero of the year,” and teasing an event in October to unveil a new handset.

Now that handset has leaked, and… it looks like any other modern smartphone?

Look, I’m sure the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro will both be good smartphones. But after teasing Apple for not doing much new with the iPhone XS, these two handsets aren’t exactly breaking new ground.

Roland Quandt, who posted the pictures, says the one on the left is a Mate 20 Pro -- but he’s not sure whether the one on the right is the standard model or the Pro. (Pictures: @rquandt on Twitter)

As posted by Roland Quandt on Twitter, the Mate 20 Pro (left) is likely to have a notch, a chin and the same curved edges as the Samsung Galaxy series. It’s not yet clear whether the new models will have a headphone jack or a fingerprint sensor.

But there was something else interesting in Roland Quandt’s leak: A new pair of white wireless earbuds, stored in a little white charging case.

(Sound familiar?)

Do they remind you of anything? (Picture: @rquandt on Twitter)

To nobody’s surprise, the leak shows that Huawei’s Freebuds 2 Pro look virtually identical to Apple’s AirPods.

But looks are slightly deceiving, because there are apparently a few cool new features here. The main one is that the Freebuds charging case supports wireless charging -- either on a charging pad, or via the phone itself -- another picture shows the case being charged while sitting on the back of the phone.


It’d be a bit of a coup for Huawei. Apple promised wireless charging for AirPods last year through its AirPower charging mat -- but the wireless charging case for AirPods has yet to appear, and virtually all mentions of AirPower have been scrubbed from Apple’s site amid rumors of serious engineering issues.