Huawei’s next smartwatch could have space to store a pair of built-in wireless earbuds -- an interesting development from a company whose CEO once said he saw no future in smartwatches.

Huawei’s patent shows a number of different options for storing the water-resistant buds. (Picture: LetsGoDigital)

Dutch site LetsGoDigital reports that Huawei has been granted a patent for a smartwatch that includes a number of different ways for storing water-resistant earbuds, including using magnets to store them in the watch clasp itself or in a capsule with a spring mechanism.

The basic idea behind the design is that it would make it easier to take calls and listen to music on the go. After all, holding your smartwatch to your ear is a little awkward -- earbuds are the only practical way to hear someone on a call or listen to music without blasting it loud on the watch’s small speaker.

It’s worth pointing out that even though the patent has been granted, that doesn’t necessarily mean this will be a real product, especially given that Android Wear smartwatches have failed to catch on like the Apple Watch has.

And companies frequently file patents for products that might not ever hit shelves. Huawei themselves recently patented gaming on a smartwatch by using straps as a controller.