Fans of Chinese drone maker DJI have been waiting for the Mavic Pro II for a while now -- but that wait might soon be over.

DJI sent an invitation out to an event on July 18 in New York City, so they’re set to unveil something. But a few eagle-eyed -- and perhaps overly wishful -- DJI enthusiasts think the invitation gives the game away.

The invitation has an eye with the text “See the Bigger Picture” layered on top. To most, it might seem like a typically vague advertising slogan -- but others saw something more.

@OsitaLV pointed out on Twitter that flipping the image around and tracing the letters in a certain way produces the letter M and II -- hinting at a second Mavic Pro.

Theorists have dived into DJI’s latest invite looking for clues. (Picture: Abacus)

It’s worth noting that @OsitaLV is no random Twitter user, having revealed information on other DJI products in the past.

Over the past few months @OsitaLV has been giving out more information on the Mavic Pro II, suggesting it’ll be bigger and have more powerful motors than the last, as well as having a bigger image sensor.

The latter could be supported by the text itself: “See the Bigger Picture.”

Twitter user @OsitaLV's expectations for the Mavic Pro II. (Source: Weixin)

Another take posits that the image on the invite -- which uses a popular photographic technique called the tiny planet effect -- hints that it might involve a 360-degree camera.

Theories aside, there are some solid reasons to think a Mavic Pro II launch isn’t far away.

The original Mavic Pro was released almost two years ago, followed by a minor update (Mavic Pro Platinum) in December of last year.

Earlier this year, the company released the well-received Mavic Air -- making its mid-range product lineup look quite crowded -- which left many in the semi-pro segment waiting for a new model to suit their needs.