DJI has partnered with Japan’s LINE chat app to release a special version of the Spark drone bearing the blushing face of Brown the bear.

You may read that and think “whatever”. But look at this picture. Look at it!

This is the cutest DJI drone I’ve seen. (Picture: DJI)

This is amazing and I want it.

If you’ve never heard of Brown, just know that despite his shy personality and expressionless face, he’s actually the world’s most loving husband to his bubbly rabbit wife. He’s also one of nearly a dozen ultracute mascots from LINE featured in countless merchandise sold around the world.

Brown is also featured on the Spark’s remote controller. (Picture: DJI)

The package comes with a Brown-themed drone and remote controller. Other than that, it appears to be identical with the regular Spark. The US$399 package also includes a flight battery, a pair of propellers, a USB charger, a micro USB cable, two RC cables, and a storage box.

(And that adorable face on top of the drone. Just look at it! Look at it!)