100 sausages parachute from a flying double-decker bus, descending on a deserted island. It’s not clear why they have arms and legs -- but off they sprint, scavenging for rifles, pistols and, uh, toilet plungers to arm themselves. The goal? Fight to become the last wurst standing.

Sausage Man (or Sausage Party as it is known in China) is one of the most entertaining battle royales I’ve played. Sure, the graphics aren’t as great as PUBG or Fortnite: As my coworker Esther puts it, it resembles the primitive flash games we used to play back in the early 2000s. And I have to admit that the gameplay isn’t as exciting either. In some games, we wandered around for a long time without running into fellow frankfurters.

But just like Fortnite, Sausage Man brings hilarity and goofiness to a genre that’s otherwise dark and violent. All the typical elements of a battle royale are present; but they’re given a quirky spin. When you shoot a sausage, yellow sparks come out rather than blood. And when the sausage dies, it turns into a cartoonish scarecrow. The vehicles and weapons are wacky too: Instead of the realistic sedans and buggies like the ones found in PUBG, you get hover cars and rubber boats.

Unlike Fortnite though, you can’t build structures in Sausage Man. But it doesn’t bother me at all because frankly, would you rather chop down trees to build ugly wooden staircases -- or watch a bendy sausage somersault in the air?

Sausage Man is free to play and as far as I can tell, all microtransactions are for costumes and skins. But sadly, the in-game item store doesn’t seem to work on iOS. Otherwise I would really love to dress my sausage in a maid outfit and give her auburn pigtails.

Again, this game isn’t designed to be a serious battle royale. But if you can get pass the lack of accurate aiming and sophisticated gun mechanics, Sausage Man is a great way to relax at the end of the day. And if the game is still too intense, you can always watch the 50+ episodes of Sausage Man cartoon on iQiyi, Baidu’s video streaming platform.  

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